The first excerpt from this fascinating documentary records a remarkable artistic process — the creation of the largest sculpture ever carved from a single block of travertine. The work was commissioned by Donald Kendall for the PepsiCo Sculpture Gardens in Purchase, New York. Thirty-one year old Vermont sculptor Richard Erdman needed two years to complete the immense task.

PASSAGE follows the evolution of his work, beginning with the quarrying of the 750—ton block of marble in Tivoli, Italy. Then, the rough-cut block was transported 330 miles along small Italian roads to Carrara, where it was carved by a team of Italian stonecutters whose traditions stretch back centuries. PASSAGE culminates with the sculputure’s arrival in New York harbor and its installation at Purchase.

For Erdman, the process of pulling this sculpture out of the mountainside is itself a part of the meaning of the work. “It’s my expression of the grandeur of life,” he says. In experiencing PASSAGE, one knows it will last forever.

The 28 minute long PASSAGE DVD is available for purchase here.

* Director/Cinematographer Albert van der Wildt

* Editor Bert Haanstra

* Music Loek Dikker

* Narration written by D. B. Jones

* Narrator David Brierley

* Executive Producer Anthony Sheldon-Moir

* Produced in the Netherlands by Nico Crama (1985)

Featured Sculpture: Satori Blu | Brazilian Blue Granite | 30” H 

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TRAILER: Richard Erdman: A Profile by award-winning filmmaker Amanda Zackem, will premiere at multiple venues this summer - details to come!

An excerpt from “The Gardens of Russell Page” by Marina Schinz & Gabrielle Van Zuylen: 

"He came to realize that in gardening, as in painting, the spatial relationships between objects—-whether buildings, elements in the landscape, or sculptures—-can be more important than the objects themselves. He believed that within the space between objects something is always happening. Page further explained: ‘Whether I am making a landscape or a garden or arranging a window box I first attack my problem as an artist—-my preoccupation is with relationships between objects, whether it is a wood or a pond, a rock or a plant, or a group of plants. My understanding is that every object emanates—-sends out beyond its physical body vibrations which are specific to itself. These vibrations vary with the nature of the object, the materials it is made of, it’s colour, its textiles, and it’s form…So with a stone—-the tune of marble differs from that of sandstone or granite—-the shape and colour dictate the speed and spread of its vibrations.’” - Russell Page

To see more images of Passage, located at the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at Pepsi Co, please click here.  

Sculpture shipment from the Carrara, Italy studio. 

Announcing the Commission of “Cascata”


Richard Erdman Studios announces a powerful and exciting addition to the sculptor’s legacy. Cascata, a new work in bronze,has been commissioned by major collectors in Grand Rapids, Michigan and will grace the entrance of a private wooded residence. The home and environs of the piece were developed by the innovative Via Design, Inc.

Installed upon a circular reflecting pool, Cascata will explore one of Richard Erdman’s most beloved muses: the restless harmony of Nature. It is a universally symbolic power, and Erdman has proved masterful in pairing its disparate elements and creating a violently peaceful symbiosis. Water is the true force of the earth. Here, water and metal meet like soulmates, mirrors that take and give one another back without end. Cascata perches upon the pool’s surface,creating a sense of birth from water, a precarious balance of elegance. The piece suggests a new sort of fluidity. Its dimensions suggest a perfect sphere as its two ends curl into itself via calming introspection, poised in that moment before a sudden bloom into grace. It is truly a cascading of the soul.

Cascata, with its cyclical nature, pulls its environment into kinship. The circular reflecting pool held within a circular driveway—the sculpture rises like life itself. It spurs a feeling of organic warmth, of ideas and adventure. A further entrancing aspect of Cascata is its versatility. As perspective changes, so does its vitality. Viewed from the east, the piece embraces itself in open contemplation, allowing the onlooker to see into its heart. From the south, it is unfurling into awareness. That sense of aspiring growth is in the throes of realization.

This balletic form, these supple lines are only one manner in which Cascataawakens the mind to the continuity of Nature. Through gorgeous bronze, symbol of rigidity, Richard Erdman shows that all things are in motion, whether still or in flow. He has unlocked the rhythm of change, the dynamic dance of the elements, in which the viewer feels, most of all within, the buoyancy in Cascata’s voice. 

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Studio Construction

Blu Fleur

Brazilian Blue Granite, 98” H 

Private Collection Luzern, Switzerland

Richard Erdman with the plaster model for Fiora


Bardiglio Marble, 136” L

Parkside Capitol Land TrustHouston, TX


Drawing by Frank Lloyd Wright

(via kureator)


‘Fuente de Los Amantes’, Los Clubes, Atizapán de Zaragoza, México 1964 

Arq. Luis Barragán  

"Fountain of Lovers” Los Clubes, State of Mexico, Mexico 1964

Truth From the Immutable by Michael Wehunt

A recent essay by Michael Wehunt

The restlessness of calm. The intangible released from the ageless and raw, that buoyant flow of stone. Richard Erdman continues to find beauty in the conundrums of the soul. His eye and hand follow his muse across ever-widening circles. Resonance is brought, humming and alive, from the adamant veins of the earth.

The past six years have seen Erdman’s pieces reach new and exciting corners of the world and its consciousness. His work has now been shown in more than 140 solo and group exhibitions in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has more than one hundred commissioned works in museums and collections both public and corporate, and private collectors in fifty countries – on five continents - have acquired his pieces. Long renowned for the grace and rhythm of his sculpture, his reputation has further gained a depth and density as substantial as his own beloved marble and bronze. The sinuous fluidity of his work is a remarkable parallel to his artistic reach, as the younger pieces weave and twist and flower into new and inspired ideals, while binding a linkage with his oeuvre, his legacy.

On Jupiter Island, Florida, Grande Eleos seems to balance on the surface of mirrored water. Installed at the private residence of the founder and CEO of CJX Holdings, the 3,500 pound piece draws the eye of the soul along the reflecting pool toward the widescreen sea. Formed from 28 tons of Italian Bardiglio Marble, Erdman aptly realized the dual nature of the ocean—its fierceness and its vast placidity, that inimitable restless calm again. Peace and a natural fury bound in harmony.

While Grande Eleos suggests weightlessness above water, Crescendo seems to have emerged from a pool like some prehistoric monolith. Installed in a beautiful new park in Houston, Texas, Crescendo speaks of primitive majesty, curved in the manner of the rib bone of a mythic whale, yet carrying a voice of hope with both ends lifted to the sky. Erdman’s largest sculpture since the resounding success ofPassage in the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at PepsiCo, Crescendoindeed is a fitting title. Originating from 32 tons of the aforementioned Italian Bardiglio Marble, the piece crowns an exciting public amalgam of profound art and greenspace.

To the northwest of Crescendo’s home, Erdman has installed the pure and horned form of Suonare Grande. In the central courtyard of the Belmont Group’s world headquarters in Dallas, Texas, this piece rises like smoke from its octagonal plinth. Carved from white Carrara Marble, it resembles not so much the figure 8 as an infinity symbol aspiring to the heavens, its points crossed in meditation.

Erdman has recently installed Volante Seoul in South Korea, his first foray into that country. Emerged from Carrara Marble, the 2,000 pound piece instills a gentler grace, winged and fluted in midflight, its planes curling like thirsty petals. The piece was commissioned by South Korea’s most prominent fashion entity, Handsome Fashion, Inc., after the CEO discovered the Singapore Four Seasons hotel’s major collection of four stone Erdman pieces. Volante Seoul captures the aesthetic edginess of its benefactors while retaining the Erdman prowess of releasing new splendor from the rigid earth beneath us.

Erdman’s harmony might be most exemplified in Cantilena, a private commission installed in a Las Vegas, Nevada, sculpture garden. The eye sees two figures of Italian Bardiglio Marble reposed back to back, curved up toward each other’s support, like two lovers embracing while they stargaze. Contentment flows alongside the search for transcendence.

Within the central lobby of the New Dehli world headquarters of Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecomm corporation, Aikyam sits upon a pedestal as a testament to the unending flow of movement and communication. This is Erdman’s first corporate commission in India. Hewn from Peruvian Travertine, Aikyam stands eight feet tall and speaks of unifying symmetry. Attached to its base by a pin, the piece can be turned to all points of the globe, its smoothly sharp contours reaching to every horizon.

Cuore Rosa is another breathtaking piece rendered from Persian Red Travertine. A private commission for a former CEO of General Electric, Cuore Rosa is installed upon a granite reflecting pool at the entrance to a lovely Palm Beach home in Florida. Erdman was inspired by romantic love and brought something truly magnificent from the stone. In the form of an expanding, eternal heart, the piece seems to sing of the steady, euphoric pulse of love.

In his home state of Vermont, Erdman was touched by a commission for two bronze sculptures for the Marriott Hotel on Lake Champlain. Toulouse and Form Reclining will be installed in the hotel’s entrance and garden plazas, respectively.Toulouse, at seven and a half feet tall, nearly hums in affinity with its vast neighbors of mountains and lake that surround the hotel. It speaks of the joy of nature with its leaping, subtly gymnastic arches. Form Reclining, meanwhile, takes a more inward, reflective approach suiting its garden placement, a bronze oyster closing in contemplation.

The elegant Lumiere Casino and Resort in St. Louis, Missouri, recently chose Erdman, out of a pool of 100 respected artists, to install two pieces to complement the new resort, which was inspired by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: Helio Grande, a writhing, organic loop of bronze, and Summer II, a gorgeous Yellow Travertine piece. The two works stand disparately, yet both are unmistakably cousins, over eight feet tall and blending warmth and modernity. The committee judges ventured further still into Erdman appreciation by selecting a third piece,Levande Rose, a smaller work of red traventine, for the Four Seasons hotel’s main lobby.

The immense MGM Grand Resort and Entertainment Center in Detroit, Michigan, selected Erdman’s Sequita II, a rapturous bronze sculpture spanning over four feet, from a national competition. Installed in the resort’s focal point—poised upon the central lobby’s reflecting pool—Sequita II appears to be taking flight, soaring with surreal and unfurling wings.

Brazilian Blue Granite is a material Erdman recently set his ambition and prodigious talents upon. The coarse-grained igneous rock requires great skill and care to sculpt, typically relegated to small-scale works. From this gorgeous, complex stone Erdman has bloomed Blu Fleur, a staggering statement of arrested flow and leaping movement. Commissioned for the CEO of a multinational corporation in Lucerne, Switzerland, the piece stands eight and a half feet tall, the largest sculpture ever created from this blue granite. The rich color of this granite afforded Erdman a unique palate, and the results convey a deep, emotional resonance. The senses are cleansed in Blu Fleur’s wash of imagery.

Having enjoyed such success with Brazilian Blue Granite, Erdman soon found himself in the grip of its inspiration once more. Sentinel possesses a liquidity, rising eight and a half stern yet dynamic feet to gaze into the future. Robert Landau, of Landau Fine Art, has collaborated with renowned landscape architect Enzo Enea to install Sentinel in the latter’s magnificent tree garden in Lake Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland. Enea and Landau have planned an additional three large-scale pieces for the tree garden, and Erdman is currently drawing beauty from stone that will complement such an unparalleled environment.

Returning to the expressive and regal Italian Bardiglio Marble, a client has commissioned Erdman for a remarkable centerpiece for a private home in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. At the marriage point of the Cortez Sea and the Pacific Ocean sits this lovely house, and at its heart, upon a reflecting pool, will stand Eleos Cascada. Seven and a half feet tall, the piece radiates peace and reverie as the eye follows its winding path without an end. The lines of Eleos Cascada curl in upon themselves in their supreme, tireless journey.

Which brings one back to that restlessness of calm, the many conundrums of the human soul. Richard Erdman is singular in his vision, and as his work continues to spread, beautifying environments across the earth, enriching the senses of all its beholders, that intertwining thread of creation will resound: a dynamic truth from the immutable, perpetual motion from beneath us. 

Installing Blu Fleur

Richard Erdman has just returned from installing “Blu Fleur” at a private residence in Luzern, Switzerland. More photos to come! 

Blu Fleur
Brazilian Blue Granite 
98” H